29 October 2012

SPI Appleton Ltd

In September 2012 Steel Pile Installations Limited and Appleton Piling Limited merged to form SPI Appleton Limited. The new company will offer greater flexibility for our customers to use one company for a wider range of sheet piling activities within the steel piling market. SPI Appleton Limited is part of the AE Yates Group. Through the group companies we are able to offer a wide range of solutions to our customer’s specialist ground engineering requirements.

SPI Appleton Limited expands on the solid expertise that both companies have in their particular sectors of the steel piling market. While both companies have significant expertise, knowledge and technical ability to carry out a wide variety of works, Steel Pile Installation’s main area of work is the heavy civil engineering market whereas Appleton Piling have continually carried out significant volumes of work in the steel intensive basement market, particularly in London and the south east.

Andy Appleton, the Managing Director of Appleton Piling Limited, is the Managing Director of SPI Appleton Limited. Andy joins the current team with Ian Mills who remains as a Director of SPI Appleton Limited. Ian Mills will also continue as Managing Director of Sidegrip Piling Limited.

Please be assured that there will be no change with your regular contacts; Andy Appleton, Bill Jeans and Patrick Fisher. SPI Appleton Limited will continue to operate in London and the south east.

We thank you for your loyal business and we are sure that that SPI Appleton Limited will bring added benefit to all our customers. Our increased resources will allow us to continue to offer competitive solutions, whilst enabling increased capacity to respond to demand nationwide.

Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact Andy Appleton.
21 January 2011

Sainsbury's Welwyn Garden City

Sainsbury's are expanding their superstore at Welwyn Garden City. Appleton Piling Ltd completed the installation of the temporary excavation support in January 2011 working for contractor AD Bly Ltd. Appleton Piling Ltd designed the sheet piles and framing system to allow excavation to a maximum of 6.4m below the existing ground level.

The sheet piles were installed using a Telescopic Leader Rig and the Kowan WP150 Still Worker with the piles pitched with the Appleton Piling Ltd Logicrane 55.38 Telescopic Crawler Crane. Removal of the temporary framing and extraction of the sheet piles, using the Kowan WP150 Still Worker, will commence in February 2011.

62 Buckingham Gate, London SW1

Appleton Piling Ltd have recently completed the temporary sheet piling to the proposed basement structure for Sir Robert McAlpine. A total number of 397, 16m and 17m long, SX27 sheet piles, were installed using two Kowan WP150 Still Workers.

Noise and vibration were kept to an absolute minimum using the Kowan WP150 Still Workers when piling on the site directly adjacent to the Westminster Council Offices on Victoria Street, London and the Korean Embassy on Spenser Street, London. The sheet piles were installed through the sands and gravels to toe into the clay strata approximately 13m below ground level.
3 November 2010

Our Website has had a refresh

November sees the introduction of our new website.

The website provides information regarding the different Piling disciplines that Appleton Piling undertake. It provides an insight into the systems we operate and what solutions are available to assist our customers and clients alike.

Take a look at our Projects Profiles page to see some of the latest projects we have undertaken and what systems and solutions were employed on each of the contracts.

If you cannot find any answers to any query you have, please do give us a call as we would be only too pleased to help.
4 August 2010

55T Crane aquired by Appleton Piling Ltd

Appleton Piling Ltd purchased a 55T hydraulic telescopic crawler crane in July 2008. The Logicrane 55.38 telescopic crawler crane offers us the reliability and versatility of a traditional crawler crane with the flexibility and quick rigging time of a mobile crane.

The Logicrane 55.38 gives us the versatility to work in very confined areas, without needing the time and space required to rig and derig a conventional lattice boom crawler crane.

The undercarriage of the Logicrane 55.38 measures 3.210m for transportation. The Logicrane 55.38 can be ready for work within half an hour of arrival on site, when the undercarriage has been extended to 4.410m for full operational duties.

The Logicrane 55.38 has a maximum capacity of 55 Tonnes at a working radius of 2.5m, with boom lengths up to 38.0m. The modern computer system can be programmed to restrict both the boom length and the direction of the slew.

The modern design enables fully hydraulic control for smooth and reliable safe operation. An additional benefit of the Logicrane 55.38 is that the cab can be elevated to approximately 3.5m above ground, giving the operator an excellent view of the works in hand.

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